Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rocking Coastlines

The Oregon Coast rocks. The views are beautiful. Even on the 4th of July week-end we saw lots of beaches that were without any people. Amazing!

Meat-Eating Plants. Help me!

Yikes! Feed me Seymour! Here's the meat-eating cobra lilies at Darlingtonia Botanical Wayside just off 101, near Mercer Rd., Florence, Oregon. Watch out they are waiting for you!

Anyway you get there, it is great time

The summer is a great time for festivals and fairs in the Northwest. Several weeks ago we went to the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts held in the last week of June. The Encaustic Exhibit was beyond this world with working spanning traditional and modern style of painting. The festival is a big draw with people coming from all over the country so parking can be a problem. We found a great solution with a school bus taking us to and from the event. It has been many years since I have tried to fit these long legs in a school bus and it must say it isn’t getting any easier!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is HERE

If you can't celebrate summer solstice amid ancient ruins you might want to try Carhenge, near Alliance, Nebraska. Built on the western plains it is a tribute to ancient Stonehenge in England using old cars and gray paint.
You'll find driving the back roads more relaxing than the freeways. Plus you'll see some special sights along the way. Here a lone pick-up sitting outside a small Nebraska town can easily take you back to the last century.